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Onboarding Outline

1. Meet your New Account Specialist

Our Account Specialist are here to meet all of your needs concerning the planning, process, and creation of your account. 

When you join our community of businesses you will be met with a service standard that will exceed your expectations! 

3. Complete Our New Client Questionnaire

Our "New Client Questionnaire" is a quick form we ask our new clients to fill out. This form gives us all the information we need to get started on the build out of your account.

5. Review and Approve Marketing Designs

In this step of our process your account specialist will send over your design proofs. If they meet all of your needs then we move forward in the finalization of your account.

7. Final Software Completion

In the complete process, the finalization of the software is one of the most important aspects! We work with our team to automate your new leads. This includes the build out of the forms needed for you to gather new leads. 

2. Sign Our Client Contract

We offer 12 month contracts. Billing starts on the date outlined in your specific contract.


If you have any questions, please contact your account specialist!

4. Account Specialist Consultation

Our account specialist consultation is a quick phone call where we go over marketing designs, locations, and ideas.

6. Receive the Final Designs for Publication & Distribution

Once you have approved your design proofs, we send the "Final Design Proofs". These proofs are designed to be printed and given to the merchants you have partnered with.


The time has come to "GO LIVE" this means your marketing designs are finished, printed, and given to the merchant. This also means the software and backend systems we have created for you are completed and tested.


All you have to do now is sit back and wait for the leads to come!

Are you ready for

Exclusive Leads?

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