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How It Works


Start Generating
     EXCLUSIVE new leads

The Designs

Your account specialist works with our team of graphic designers to create the perfect marketing flyer(s), business card, poster, or other marketing displays for your business. You can post them in coffee shops, restaurants, medical offices, or anywhere that meets your target clientele that you are trying to sell your services. The same flyer can be posted in as many locations as you like or you can have as many unique flyers as you like. 

Example QR Code-6.png

The Questionnaires

Our team of engineers design 
questionnaires that are linked to the QR codes displayed on your marketing materials we design. Once the customer completes the questionnaire, you will receive the lead immediately. Your sales team can now follow up and sell your services. 


* Spanish and other languages coming soon

The Reporting

Your sales team will receive a weekly report that demonstrates the total breakdown of scans versus how many customers submitted information. This report will show a detailed breakdown of the time, location, person's name, and business location. Also, there is week to date, month to date, and year to date total to help your sales team analyze which locations are more successful than others. Now your sales team can create accurate forecasts of new business leads as well as new business sales. 

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